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Software as a Service - Health Solutions from MT2IT

MT2IT designs, builds and provides customized healthcare software solutions, which reduce complexity in a world of connected systems and digital services.


MT2IT offers the development of customer specific Web Apps, which seamlessly process live data streams from disparate devices and IT systems into customized healthcare digital services workflows.


MT2IT is specialized in the development of mobile medical web apps, which rely on medical device standards (e.g. ISO/IEEE 11073), health IT standards (e.g. HL7 FHIR©) and medical domain specific profiles (e.g. IHE profiles).




Please read our Blog which provides information about topics that MT2IT is addressing.


Our Blog on January 13, 2017 is about secure "Health & IoT Services Application Platforms (HISAP) ".


Our Blog on July 4, 2017 is about "The Internet of Medical Things and Digital Twins":



If you are looking for a partner who tailors intuitive web applications
and cloud solutions for your health business and personal goals, please contact us! :-)