Hanse Life Sciences & MedTec Conference, Hamburg, Germany

April 17-19, 2018


The second Hanse Life Sciences & MedTech (LSMT-Hanse) Conference (https://www.lsmt-hanse.com/home.html) took place at the Hyperion Hotel in Hamburg, April 17-19, 2018.


The focus of the conference has been the topic: "Software and Device Development" as well as "Connected Medical Devices"


This year's conference was dedicated to the motto "Fast Lane to Market".


The opening keynote on April 17 was given by Prof. Dr. J.-Uwe Meyer, titled "Interoperable Smart Services and Digital Twins in Modern Healthcare Ecosystems 4.0". The keynote can be downloaded from following link:

Keynote Prof. Meyer LSMT-Hanse.


Keynote Abstract:  

Substantial changes in healthcare delivery, regulation, and payment make access to data, connectivity and integration more important than ever. Modern digital health platforms and ecosystems of the 4th industrial revolution combine business and operational functionality in integrated applications systems for modern health and care delivery.

A blueprint of a healthcare 4.0 ecosystem for modular digital health and care delivery is presented. Participants of Health 4.0 ecosystems exchange information across networks via application programmable interfaces (APIs) and digital microservices, as “Lego-like” modules for building enterprise applications.

Internet of Things (IoT) security architectures are serving as references when implementing the health 4.0 ecosystem.  The application systems utilize the HL7® FHIR® standard as its prime standard for operations between participating system servers and clients.

Future healthcare ecosystems will be driven by communicating digital twins, which are digital replica of their physical assets combined with artificial intelligence, machine learning and software analytics to create living simulation models of optimized healthcare delivery.   

The Internet of Medical Things and Digital Twins

July 4, 2017


Vision: Smart, sensorized medical devices communicate the vital signs of a connected patient and their internal device status to a digital twin, which processes the data according to a virtual patient model and a medical device model. The digital twin (DIGI MED) communicates with its medical device twin siblings in a medical IoT network through programmable application interfaces (APIs) and via microservives, which can be considered as encapsulated components of functionality. In order to verify medical devices and their digital services providing twins a "sandbox is needed, in which the functionality of services for each medical device digital sibling can be verified and validated in simulated szenarios:


Digital "Sandboxes" provide ground for the developer to test and verify the microservices packed functionalities which digital twins of medical devices provide and their interoperability. The sandbox also supports the orchestration of microservices composing user specific health related workflows. 


The illustration depicts a digital services and IoT security architecture with separated "zones" of operation. The "Smart FHIR Services" middleware zone manages the front-end and back-end services and provides them to the users and patient in the local zone and to remote users and partner systems. The identity system manages access and secure communication among participants in the connected zones. It also protects access to applications and resources across the zones, enabling additional levels of validation, such as multi-factor authentication and conditional access policies of paricipants through authorization schemes. 


MT2IT is offering to medical device manufacturers and to medical app developers folloing software support:

  • Development of Digital Twins
  • Development of Smart Medical Devices
  • Development of FHIR Smart Device (Micro)Services and Web-APIs
  • Integration of FHIR Smart Services into an Open Innovation Health 4.0 Platform
  • Development of Smart Medical Apps for Integrated Care and Health Services



2017 – The year of
Health Services & IoT Application Platforms?

January 13, 2017


During the past 5 years, MT2IT has spent a considerable amount of effort on building a prototype of an open Health & IoT Services Application Platform (HISAP) for managing healthcare and personal data streams of connected health devices and systems during runtime in the cloud. The platform utilizes most recent healthcare and medical/health device communication standards (e.g. FHIR® and ISO/IEEE 11073) and intends to implement profiles from IHE and FHIR® as secure cloud services. The web apps of interoperable secure services are designed to be pluggable to the HISAP and are configured to run concurrently during live HISAP sessions. In 2017, it is the ambition of MT2IT to complete the buildings blocks of the HISAP and to implement fundamental secure cloud services for platform testing and services verification.


Preliminary information about the healthcare platform can be found in the 2014 IEEE publication “Open SOA health web platform for mobile medical appshere or contact the author for a copy of the script.

Mobile Patient Care 4.0

September 27, 2016


MT2IT actively participated at the BarCamp Health-IT 2016, which was titled "IT in Nursing and Care (IT in Pflege & Versorgung)". The event took place at the "Evangelisches Johannes-Stift" in Berlin Spandau. The Johannes-Stift is one of the largest prostetant social welfare organizations in Germany.


Link to the MT2IT presentation
"Mobile Patientenversorgung 4.0":


2nd Meeting IHE Surgery Domain

June 25, 2016


J.-Uwe Meyer of MT2IT was presenting the concept of a “FHIR API / IHE Profile leveraged surgical platform of interoperable systems and IT services” at the 2nd meeting of the IHE Surgical Domain at CARS 2016, Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery, 30th International Congress and Exhibition.


The IHE Surgery Domain is sponsored by the International Foundation of CARS (IFCARS) and the International Society for Computer Aided Surgery (ISCAS). There are two committees: The 1) Surgery Planning Committee and the 2) Surgery Technical Committee. MT2IT, an IHE International Member Organization, is a contributing member to IHE Surgery Technical Committee.

FHIR APIs and IHE Profiles for Leveraging O.R. Systems Interoperability
Presentation at the 2nd Workshop of the IHE Surgical Domain at Computer Assisted Radlogy and Surgery CARS 2016, June 25, 2016, Heidelberg Germany.
2016.06.25 Meyer IHE Surgical Domain v0.[...]
PDF-Dokument [2.3 MB]

Invited Panelist at the IHE World Summit 2016 in Amsterdam

June 8, 2016


J.-Uwe Meyer, CEO and CTO of MT2IT has been invited to speak at the IHE World Summit 2016 in parallel to the eHealth Week in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. He is presenting the topic "Mobile FHIR Services and IHE Profiles for Leveraging Modern IoT Health Delivery".



The presentation can be downloaded here:

Meyer eHealth Week IHE Summit 2016