Customized Health & IoT Microservices


MT2IT is developing a Health & IoT Services Application Platform (HISAP) for customized data integration solutions of distributed systems, which are connected through Web technologies. The HISAP hybrid cloud platform serves as a pluggable software platform for services-based web applications, termed microservice applications.


Microservice applications are composed of small, independently versioned, and scalable customer-focused services that communicate with each other over standard protocols with well-defined interfaces.


  • Web Apps and FHIR© Services for care providers and health professionals.


  • Web APIs & Integrated FHIR©/IHE Services for connected medical and personal health devices.


  • Smart Home IoT Services & Mobile Web Apps for secure and comfortable living inside and outside your home.


  • Live views on fitness performance of connected wearables and tracking sensors


Feel free to contact us for your special needs on health web apps and device connectivity